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Kate is the founder and CEO of Princess Fairy Party Perth. She created the Princess Fairy because she wanted to give her daughter the fairy tale experience she never had. Kate’s love for children and dedication to creating the best possible party for them inspired her to set up Princess Fairy Party Perth in 2009.

Her dedication and hard work have established Princess Fairy Party Perth as one of the best destinations for children’s parties and weddings worldwide.

Princess Fairy Party Perth aspires to include the best entertainers in its team, Providing better training and flexibility of performance to our entertainers so that they can make parties memorable and enchanting.

It has been designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for party accessories, dresses, and theme decorations. Giving high-quality products at affordable rates is one of our priorities.

Princess Fairy Party Perth provides a personalised service that ensures your party is suited to your requirements and budget. We are available seven days a week and during school holidays to provide a convenient service for you or your child’s special day.

I wish wish wish – for a Princess Fairy wish.

You can send your wish to The Fairy Queen.

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